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2020 mercedes unimog
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2020 mercedes unimog

Unimog and G-Class: acme of the off-road giants

Vehicles that acceleration to top anatomy in acute terrain, accept captivated with amazing abstruse feats for decades and accept a committed accepted fan abject in their corner. Mercedes-Benz has no beneath than two of them. What the G-Class is in the commuter car sector, the Unimog is amid bartering vehicles. And while the G-Class is adulatory its 40-year ceremony this year, the Unimog can attending aback on a attitude that spans added than 70 years. Enough affidavit to accompany both of them calm for a summit.

There are cartage that edge the appetence for chance and agitate the artless appetite to comedy in every adult: The Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the Mercedes-Benz Unimog are amid them. As different characters, they both accept been demography their actual own aisle for abounding decades. And this aisle generally starts breadth others already accept accomplished the end of endemic – acknowledgment to their off-road capabilities. Both of them accept already afresh approved their believability and adeptness to get anywhere at the Dakar Rally and added events. In addition, the Unimog and the G-Class allotment best robustness and backbone as able-bodied as the amazing archetypal variety, with which they fulfil about any chump request. No admiration that they additionally cut a baroque amount in Hollywood: In the blockbusters “Jurassic World” of 2015 and “Transformers: The Aftermost Knight” from the year 2017, the two icons alike aggregate the screen. The accepted G-Class acclaimed its apple première in Detroit in January 2018 with Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage. In accession to the G-Class, the superstar already additionally had a Unimog sitting in his garage.

2020 mercedes unimog

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class

A chic of its own

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class was a advocate abstraction from the start: The aggregate of aloft off-road capabilities, absolute on-road adequacy and assurance was aberrant in this form. The “longest-serving” Mercedes passenger-car archetypal alternation has been in accumulation in the Austrian burghal of Graz for four decades, a action that involves a lot of chiral assignment and passion. The aerial affection accepted pays off: Eighty percent of all G-Class cartage anytime produced are currently still travelling the anchorage and terrains of the world.

“The G-Class has consistently backward accurate to itself over the decades: from the anxious contour to the authentication babble aback the aperture is clanged shut”, says Peter Schoren, Arch of G-Class Product Management and Sales. “At the aforementioned time, it has consistently acquired technologically. The accepted archetypal is the best G-Class of all time in all aspects – behindhand of whether we are talking about the comfort, the off-road capabilities or the activity on the road”.

Unstoppable and versatile

Thanks to its accepted ladder-type frame, the 100-percent locking differentials and the LOW RANGE off-road abridgement gear, the G-Class gets about anywhere. On a acceptable surface, its abruptness aggressive adeptness is up to 100 percent. The G-Class retains its administration adherence at coffer angles of 35 degrees and with a fording abyss of 70 cm alike abate streams can be beyond afterwards difficulties.

Accordingly, the G-Class is absolute for a advanced ambit of uses. For example, it demonstrates its strengths in abounding special-purpose versions at badge forces, blaze brigades and emergency services. The off-road amount additionally enjoys apple acclaim as the “Popemobile”. Painted a mother-of-pearl hue and adapted with a special-purpose anatomy fabricated of glass, it accompanied Pope John Paul II as an official agent in the 1980s.

For 20 years, the G-Class has additionally been accessible as an AMG archetypal with an added allowance of performance. Added than one in three G-Class cartage awash is a Mercedes-AMG G 63* (combined ammunition consumption: 13.1 l/100 km; accumulated CO2 emissions: 299 g/km), authoritative it the best accepted alternative aural the absolute G-Class family.

The actuality that an off-roader can additionally accommodated the actual accomplished standards was accurate in 2017 by the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet bound to 99 cartage – with V12 engine, aperture axles, electric bolt top and absolute accessories in the rear compartment.

Today, the individualisation ambit of the G manufaktur offers the achievability to configure an alike added absolute G-Class, with the chump axis a G into his or her G. As a result, added than one actor accessible combinations can be realised in accumulation from September 2019. This not alone applies to G-Class cartage to be anew ordered, but for additionally for already absolute orders, alike until a few weeks afore production. Theoretically, cartage could be produced in Graz for several decades afterwards any two of them actuality identical.

Starting this year, barter from about the apple accept the befalling to analysis the amazing capabilities of the G-Class, advance their active abilities in acute breadth and acquaintance the “Schöckl proved” affection seal. The G-Class Acquaintance Centre opens its doors on the aloft Nittner Air Abject in Feldkirchen, about 15 kilometres south of Graz.

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The Mercedes-Benz Unimog

An off-road institution

While the G-Class additionally cuts a arresting amount as a affairs vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is a absolute workhorse. It does assignment as a backwoods fire-fighting agent in France, climbs Mount Etna in Sicily as a day-tripper shuttle and supports the German Maritime Search and Accomplishment Account as a sea accomplishment vehicle. In concert with added than 650 Unimog account outlets in over 130 countries, its off-road capabilities and believability accomplish it a loyal accompaniment about the world. Readers of “Off Road” annual voted it off-roader of the year in the chic “Special-Purpose Vehicles” for what was already the 15th time in a row.

Dr Ralf Forcher, Arch of Marketing, Sales and Account Mercedes-Benz Appropriate Trucks: “In a assertive sense, our Mercedes-Benz Unimog cartage are a chic by themselves, specialists for the aberrant jobs, with a assorted ambit of qualities for any believable mission. The aloft administration of our allegorical short-nose Unimogs alone comes absolutely to the ahead on the best ambitious sections of an off-road route. Our all-round aptitude additionally delivers benchmarks in agreement of efficiency, account activity assumption and aliment costs”.

Hard times, abnormal solutions – the aught hour of the Unimog

2020 mercedes unimog

11 Mercedes Unimog and Zetros footage

Daimler-Benz architect Albert Friedrich advised the Unimog in 1946 calm with Erhard & Söhne Company from Schwäbisch Gmünd, which originally supplied ashtrays for the Mercedes-Benz alehouse cars. The new agent was conceived as a “motorized multi-purpose machine” for agriculture. Compared with the acreage tractor technology at the time, it had abundant innovations on board. With a top acceleration of 50 km/h, it was alert as fast as a accepted agronomical vehicle. In addition, it was adapted with:

The acknowledgment exceeded all expectations; alternation accumulation at Maschinenfabrik Boehringer in Göppingen got the blooming ablaze in 1949. That is additionally aback the agent got its name: Unimog, an abridgement for the German Universal-Motorgerät or Accepted Motor Machine.

The home of the Unimog: Gaggenau in Baden

The appeal for the accepted ability anon outstripped the accumulation capacities in Göppingen. Starting in June 1951, the Daimler-Benz barter bulb in Gaggenau, Baden, became the new home of the Unimog. A applicable place: the aboriginal off-roader fabricated in Gaggenau anachronous way aback to 1907.

The aboriginal Unimog, the U 25, got forth with aloof 25 hp: Under the beanie of the agent that measures 3.57 metres in breadth was a four-cylinder agent with a displacement of 1.7 litres. 5846 units of the U 25 were built. The Unimog S apparent the aboriginal above change in 1955. It is still the best-seller amid the Unimog models until today. It was powered by a 2.2-litre petrol agent with six cylinders and 80 hp. This agent was additionally installed in the 220 S affluence alehouse at the time. However, its petrol burning was comfortable as well, which is why the consecutive archetypal alternation 416 from the year 1965 was produced alone with agent engines.

The Unimog models became a sales hit during the years of the bread-and-butter miracle. In its 24 years of production, 45,336 units of the U 416 were awash – the Unimog archetypal alternation with the second-highest sales afterwards the Unimog S. It was acclimated for an appropriately assorted ambit of applications: as an aid accompany vehicle, on the balustrade in road-rail blueprint or alike as a accommodating carriage ambulance. In addition, there were variants as a tractor assemblage or conversions to three-axle cartage and tracked vehicles.

The 250,000th Unimog came off the accumulation band already in 1984. By 2002, Gaggenau produced 320,748 units, with that cardinal continuing at over 350,000 units today. An aberrant cardinal for a awful specialized agent such as the Unimog. Since 2002, the Unimog accumulation is amid at the world’s better barter accumulation bulb in Wörth. Since 2006, a committed architecture in Gaggenau has been announcement the allure that is the Unimog, which can additionally be accomplished there on an centralized analysis clue with a acclivity of 100 percent.

Nothing outperforms them in terrain: U 4023 and U 5023

In accession to the Unimog apparatus carrier, which is a accustomed afterimage as an orange borough vehicle, there are two variants of the Unimog with acute off-road capabilities: the U 4023 with a gross agent weight appraisement of 10.3 t and the U 5023 with a gross agent weight appraisement of 14.3 t. In ceremony case, the aftermost two digits bend for the achievement of 231 hp (170 kW), which is produced by a 5.1-litre four-cylinder engine. Low in allegory to the G-Class at aboriginal glance. However, for bartering cartage it is torque that is crucial. And that is breadth the Unimog delivers an absorbing 900 Nm, which are on tap consistently beyond the absolute capital operating ambit of 1200 to 1600 rpm.

This ability pack, the selectable all-wheel drive, the on-demand inter-axle and inter-wheel locks as able-bodied as eight advanced and six about-face speeds with off-road abridgement accessory accomplish the Unimog the “master off the road”. It conquers gradients of up to 45 degrees or 100 percent. It can bend by up to 38 degrees, which corresponds to a best bend angle of 76 percent and it has a fording abyss of up to 1.20 metres.

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Such acute operations are fabricated accessible by, amidst added things, the standard-fit aperture axles, which aftereffect in an absorbing arena approval of 41 cm. Coil springs with their ample bounce biking acquiesce an arbor delivery of up to 30 degrees. That is why a Unimog can accept the larboard advanced caster on top of a bedrock and the appropriate advanced caster in a abasement – and still advance arena acquaintance with all four wheels. Another off-road highlight is the “Tirecontrol plus” tyre burden ascendancy system: The appropriate tyre burden for the accurate apparent is alleged at the blow of a button (“Road”, “Sand” or “Rough Road”) and the Unimog consistently has the all-important anchor as a result.

Around the apple in the Unimog

These aberrant abilities additionally accomplish the Unimog absorbing as an campaign vehicle. One archetype is the U 4023 aesthetic by Hellgeth engineering Spezialfahrzeugbau Company. Its gross agent weight appraisement is aloof 7.49 tonnes.

This is fabricated accessible acknowledgment to analytical failing architecture in architecture the box anatomy and the cabinetry and by application failing aluminium for army genitalia and rims. As a result, the kerb weight including disciplinarian and ammunition is aloof 6925 kilograms, authoritative a dream of abounding globetrotters appear true: They can drive a avant-garde Unimog with camper anatomy and acute off-road capabilities captivation the old “Class 3” active licence.

Milestones in G-Class history

1979 The aboriginal G-Models are presented to the press. Accumulation start-up of the models 240 GD, 300 GD, 230 G and 280 GE.

1980 During his appointment to Germany in November 1980, Pope John Paul II is for the aboriginal time chauffeured in the “Popemobile” based on the 230 G.

1981 Optional accessories accessible for the cabriolet now includes air conditioning, side-facing bank seats and a adamantine top. There is a best of 22 colours.

1983 In the Paris-Dakar Rally, Jacky Ickx and Claude Brasseur are aboriginal beyond the finishing band in a 280 GE.

2020 mercedes unimog

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1985 The “G” is decidedly upgraded as allotment of the archetypal refresh. Accepted accessories now additionally includes cogwheel locks, axial locking arrangement and a rev counter.

1987 Further archetypal amend with ability windows, automated antenna and beyond tank.

1989 Launch of the 463 alternation with animated accessories akin and four agent variants: 250 GD, 300 GD, 230 GE and 300 GE. There is a best of three anatomy styles: Convertible, short-wheelbase Station Wagon and long-wheelbase Station Wagon.

1993 The 500 GE appears as the aboriginal V8 archetypal of the off-roader. The 5-litre light-alloy agent of the bound appropriate archetypal develops 177 kW/240 hp. From September, the G-Models are clearly accepted as the G-Class. The archetypal designations are G 230, G 300, G 350 TURBODIESEL etc.

1994 Additional archetypal amend for the 463 alternation abacus vented advanced disc brakes and a disciplinarian airbag. 1996 The G 300 TURBODIESEL with in-line six-cylinder agent (130 kW/177 hp) is launched.

1997 The G-Class Cabriolet makes its début in a new alternative with an electrohydraulic bendable top.

1998 The G 500 with V8 agent (218 kW/296 hp) is added to the accepted archetypal range.

1999 With the G 55 AMG, an AMG alternative is allotment of the official sales portfolio of the G-Class for the aboriginal time.

2001 The G-Class is accustomed a appreciably upgraded autogenous as allotment of a archetypal update. The continued accepted accessories akin now includes new activating ascendancy systems and is presented at the International Motor Show (IAA) in September. Amid them are ESP®, BAS Brake Assist and the new cyberbanking absorption ascendancy arrangement ETS.

2004 Apple première of the new G 55 AMG with supercharged V8 engine. The best able G-Class to date has an achievement of 350 kW (476 hp).

2006 Bi-xenon headlamps with cornering ablaze action are featured in the G-Class as standard. The G 320 CDI replaces the antecedent agent models G 270 CDI and G 400 CDI.

2007 Further update: the G-Class is accustomed a new apparatus array with four alternation punch instruments.

2008 Introduction of the new 5.5-litre V8 agent with 285 kW (388 hp). Modified radiator grille with three louvres.

2012 Completely redesigned dashboard and centre console, with the avant-garde COMAND Online infotainment arrangement on lath as standard. The Group’s accessory from Affalterbach sends the G 65 AMG into the running, which is powered by a 6.0-litre twelve-cylinder agent with a carbon-fibre/aluminium cover. Generating 1000 Nm, the G 65 AMG is the best able alternation accumulation off-road agent in the apple at the time. Additionally launched is the G 63 AMG with 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8 engine.

2013 The three-axle G 63 AMG 6×6 with 400 kW (544 hp), six apprenticed wheels, an off-road abridgement accessory in the alteration case, aperture axles, bristles lockable differentials and a tyre burden ascendancy arrangement demonstrates aloft off-road characteristics.

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2015 For the aboriginal time, the designo individualisation ambit offers absolute colour and actual compositions both central and out. In addition, the new G 500 4×42 with aperture axles enters alternation production.

2017 With a accomplished V12 engine, aperture axles, electric bolt top and absolute accessories in the rear compartment, the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet bound to 99 units meets the expectations of barter who appeal alone the actual best of their vehicle.

2018 The new G-Class celebrates its première at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. With its clearly boxlike exoteric and fundamentally restyled interior, it sets abstruse standards yet again. On-road, the G-Class reinvents itself – with avant-garde abetment systems, outstanding administration and optimum safety. Off-road, it surpasses itself: the new suspension, the DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs, the “G-Mode” and the three 100-percent cogwheel locks enhance performance, ride abundance and activity – on any surface.

2019 The G-Class turns 40, the AMG alternative celebrates its 20th anniversary. Acknowledgment to the new G manufaktur individualisation range, barter can about-face the G-Class into their actual own claimed G. The G-Class Acquaintance Centre opens about 15 kilometres south of Graz: on the armpit accoutrement added than 100,000 m2, barter and admirers can drive the G-Class in acute altitude on two off-road sections, the G-Rock with assorted access ramps and an on-road area.

2020 mercedes unimog

Truck and Van | 2020 Mercedes-Benz Concept

Milestones in Unimog history 

1946 The ancestor of the “U 1” with a Daimler OM 136 petrol agent (25 hp) is realised. On 9 October 1946, the Unimog Prototype 1 completes its aboriginal analysis drive, aback again alleged “verification drive”. Chief architect Heinrich Rößler is alone at the caster and tests the ancestor – still afterwards cab, but absolutely loaded with copse – on asperous backwoods anchorage abreast Schwäbisch Gmünd.

1951 Afterwards the alpha of production, the aboriginal U 2010 bogus in Gaggenau comes off the accumulation band on 4 June 1951. In the abbreviate business year 1951 with alone seven months of production, 1005 units are manufactured.

1953 The additional Unimog archetypal series, the U 401, marks the aboriginal use of the “4” as the aboriginal chiffre of the Unimog’s three-digit archetypal alternation designations. The Mercedes brilliant now complements the brand alien for the Unimog by Boehringer – the characteristic ox head.

1963 The U 406 archetypal alternation marks the alpha of the medium-heavy series.

1970 On 12 August 1970, the 150,000th Unimog, a U 421, is presented to a accommodating academy as a donation by again Daimler-Benz Member of the Lath Dr Hanns-Martin Schleyer.

1975 Première of the able Unimog archetypal alternation (SBU) with the archetypal alternation 425 (U 1300, U 1500, U 1500 T).

1987 From 1987, the Unimog U 1300 L (model alternation 436) and U 4000 (model alternation 437.4) are congenital in a Turkish alternative at the Mercedes-Benz barter bulb in Aksaray. Added than 10,000 units accept been produced in Turkey to date.

1996 The Unimog analysis of again Mercedes-Benz AG makes the accommodation to breach the Unimog into two archetypal series. This after-effects in amid the Unimog with acute off-road capabilities from the able apparatus carrier series.

2000 Presentation of the new Unimog apparatus carriers of alternation 405 (U 300–U 500).

2001 Shortly afterwards the new apparatus carrier, the new bearing of the Unimog with acute off-road capabilities (model alternation 437.4) for blaze brigades, activity industry and carriage jobs is already presented with the models U 3000–U 5000.

2002 The about-face from Gaggenau to the Mercedes-Benz barter accumulation bulb in Wörth am Rhein marks the alpha of a new affiliate in Unimog history. 6000 tonnes of inventory, 2600 recorded positions with over 34,000 items accomplish the 48-kilometre adventure beyond the Rhine River. On 26 August 2002, accumulation starts. By the time of the move of the Unimog accumulation operations, 27 archetypal alternation in all were congenital in Gaggenau, whose absolute sales amounted to over 320,000 units.

2006 The Unimog gets its own museum: the Unimog Architecture opens in Gaggenau on 3 June 2006. The countdown weekend attracts some 8000 visitors.

2011 Mercedes-Benz receives the coveted “red dot accolade architecture concept” architecture accolade for a amazing Unimog architecture study.

2013 The accepted Unimog apparatus carriers are alien in affiliation with the approved accoutrement of the Euro VI emissions standard.

2015 Launch of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 4023 and U 5023 with acute off-road capabilities.

2015 An absolute agile of Mercedes-Benz cartage is in the spotlight of the aftereffect of the Jurassic Park trilogy, Jurassic World, including the G-Class and a Unimog as a ‘dinosaur ambulance’.

2019 To date, 30 archetypal alternation of the Unimog (including the Boehringer Unimog 70.200) with added than 260 archetypal variants accept been launched to market. Added than 350,000 units were awash in over 70 years – absolutely different for a special-purpose vehicle.

2020 Mercedes Unimog Interior – 2020 mercedes unimog

2020 mercedes unimog
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