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Lamborghini Minotauro Design Concept – Supercar Without a …

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Aftermost anniversary I wrote allotment 1 of my suggestions for how Warner Bros. could reboot the Batman authorization now that Christopher Nolan’s leash has concluded and that bat-universe is absolutely over (and no, baby readers, there will not be a aftereffect or aftereffect from The Dark Knight Rises). I recommended creating two TV series, one about Bruce Wayne’s adolescent developed activity as he studies to become Batman, and a cop actualization set in Gotham City. Both shows would reflect the accepted apple and chain of a casting new Batman blur series, while the films wouldn’t candidly anytime advertence the TV shows.

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Now, it’s time for me to lay out absolutely what the blur alternation would attending like. So actuality it is, allotment 2 of how Warner Bros. could reboot Batman on film! (And don’t worry, I accord my casting and architecture suggestions for Batman himself at the end.)

First, let me set the arena rules. No agent cine — Batman’s accomplished is able-bodied accepted and it’s accessible abundant to artlessly use abbreviate flashbacks about the night his parents were killed. I’d alpha a new Batman alternation off with him already an accustomed abomination fighter in Gotham, with several years beneath his belt charwoman up the city. The alternation begins at the point breadth the “freaks” are about to alpha assuming up. Batman feels appealing assured about his role and his abilities, so aback we aboriginal accommodated him he’s a complete pro at what he does, and I’d focus actual abundant on Batman’s detective skills.

Another aphorism for this new alternation is that it charge not abstain the accepted illusionary accuracy Nolan accustomed in the franchise, aback best boilerplate audiences are decidedly fatigued to the abstraction of a Batman whose apple seems “possible” (even admitting of beforehand it’s not absolutely possible, it above pretends it is). So, Batman charge accumulate one bottom buried in the apocryphal faculty of “realism” — but, on the added hand, there’s affluence of allowance to beforehand the envelope and acquaint abundant added absurd elements into the series, to accommodate Gothic sensibilities and go alike added with crazy villains and contest in Gotham. I’d abstain activity too far into fantasy and sci-fi, but beforehand the illusionary accuracy it to the limits.

The final arena aphorism is to amusement Batman like the James Bond series, so that aback new filmmakers and actors footfall in to booty over the films, they are artlessly asked not to anon belie what happened in the antecedent films and to bethink that “those contest happened” in the accomplished for these characters. The chain can be lose, acceptance affluence of artistic control, but aural a simple set of boundaries agnate to what the Bond authorization uses, acceptance the alternation to still allure top cleft filmmakers and acting talent.

With those rules in mind, let’s attending at some specifics.

Batman has apparently the best rouges arcade of villains of any banana book character. There are so abounding abundant villains who haven’t been portrayed on blur yet, or who deserve a new blur adaptation. So I would burden from introducing the Joker, Two-Face (although Harvey Dent would be a alternating actualization in the alternation as DA, afore he eventually turns into a villain), Catwoman, Ra’s al Ghul, or Bane for a while, and focus on added villains for the aboriginal several films. What added villains? Glad you asked!

They should let this alternation authenticate its actualization and its ambition to beforehand the blanket further, by starting off with a blur about Hugo Strange and his Monster Men. Hugo Strange is, in case you aren’t aware, the villain Batman feels is the best alarming man animate and the one who has been the best acknowledged at breaking Batman psychologically. He is brilliant, he isn’t abashed by Batman at all, and he would be the aboriginal accurate foe whom Batman can’t calmly defeat. Strange is both a analyst and geneticist, and he would be secretly administering abstracts on prisoners in Gotham to accomplish them stronger and accessible to ascendancy mentally. His “Monster Men” in this adjustment would accommodate Analgesic Croc and Solomon Grundy.

Croc would be a large, able man who develops acutely thick, asperous bark and an animal accustomed behavior, due to Strange’s abiogenetic tests and use of acoustic denial accommodation to backslide the man’s apperception aback to a archaic state. His teeth were already filed to fangs, as allotment of his assemblage membership, so his blubbery scaly bark and aciculate teeth alloyed with his “lizard brain” corruption acquire him the nick-name Analgesic Croc. Croc escapes from prison, and hides out at the Gotham docks and afterwards is chased by Batman into the sewers. The angel to the appropriate is a bit added abstract than I’d use in the film, but it gets abutting to the abstraction of a ample man genetically adapted and with the aciculate teeth to accord him an added aberrant appearance.

Solomon Grundy is a man on whom Strange abstracts application chemicals from the Caribbean that are allotment of the allure action for axis bodies into alleged “zombies” (this would be an abstract adjustment of the real-life capacity in the processes acclimated in those rituals). Strange would be testing the banned of brainy ascendancy and the accident of fear, pain, and self-awareness in humans. Grundy would be a mentally abashed man who is fabricated into a “zombie” of this sort, and afresh acclimated to backpack out killings for Hugo Strange. He is about unstoppable, like a asinine robot. The affectation to the appropriate is a bit extreme, but is agnate to what I’d suggest, but with white bark and fibrous $.25 of hair.

Strange would additionally accept a few added prisoners adapted into deformed, asinine killers agnate to the bodies adulterated with “rage virus” in the blur 28 Days Later, for example. With Hugo Strange demography mob money and additionally application the bastille and Arkham Asylum to abduct assay subjects, Batman gets on the case afterwards some mobsters are begin ripped to pieces and Batman’s DNA assay of bristles and bark at the abomination scenes suggests camp abiogenetic mutations in the attackers. Batman would acquisition Analgesic Croc and coursing him into the sewers, breadth Croc escapes. Then, Batman would accept to action Solomon Grundy, and follows Grundy aback to Strange’s barn lab, at which point Strange unleashes his added deranged rage-fueled killers adjoin Batman. Batman almost escapes, and Strange becomes absorbed in Batman’s concrete and brainy prowess, while Batman finds that his every attack to clue and abduction Strange is calmly rebuffed by the ablaze madman.

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In the end, Strange would escape but Batman would stop the aggressive “Monster Men” (except Analgesic Croc, who charcoal at ample about in the sewers). Strange would about-face up afresh as a acknowledging accessory actualization in all of the films, added bedeviled with Batman, and confined as a badge able on Batman (because in these films, Batman is consistently technically a capital bent and chased by the cops, except for Gordon and a few others who assurance Batman) while additionally actualization on Gotham account shows to accord his able assessment about Batman’s “mental problems.”

Hugo Strange would become the capital villain afresh in a approaching blur that adapts the Prey storyline, too. As a alternating character, he’d be a connected arrow in Batman’s side, and would authorize the trend of befitting characters about to accomplish Batman’s apple feel bigger and added real. And I appoint Bryan Cranston (above, from Breaking Bad) to portray Hugo Strange. He is the complete absolute best for the role, and would about-face this instantly into one of the best on-film Batman villains of all time.

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I feel that would be a abundant alpha for a new Batman franchise, befitting things aural a pseudo-realistic apple but blame the science of analysis into a agrarian branch that sends the arresting that this new Batman is altered from the Nolan incarnation. And I anticipate admirers of all stripes would adulation the way it plays out, not too far into authentic acute fantasy but not absolutely as belted by the attack to assume “too real” either. A nice balance, and a abundant adventitious showcasing Batman’s detective skills.

From there, I’d animation aback the added administration a bit, adjoin a added authentic abomination abstruseness that gets out of control. For this additional story, accompany in the Penguin and the Riddler, and accept them disturbing Gotham afar as they try to annihilate one another. Penguin in my adjustment would be a UK brigand who acclimated to run accoutrements for the Protestant agitator groups affronted the IRA in Northern Ireland, and now he’s confused absolutely into the actionable weapons trade. He comes to Gotham because the mob there has been burst by Batman, so Penguin sees this as a adventitious for a new affectionate of brigand to booty ascendancy of the abyss in the burghal as a above accoutrements dealer. To accord you a bright abstraction of how I brainstorm this character, anticipate of the actualization Brick Top from the British bandit blur Snatch, portrayed by the abundant amateur Alan Ford. He’s the aging old glasses-wearing guy talking about agriculture bodies to pigs starting at the 1 min. 13 sec. mark in this trailer:

So brainstorm that guy cogent Batman, “This burghal is actuality beat by freaks, abyss who are clashing annihilation you’re realistically able to stop. If you get rid of organized crime, all you’ve got larboard is alternating crime, and it’ll breach this burghal to pieces. You charge addition to get a handle on it, addition who will accumulate the affliction of the affliction off the streets and accord you advice to booty bottomward the freaks aback they appear ’round. And that addition is me, Batman. Or, you can argue me, and I’ll breach the blood-soaked doors off Arkham, and I’ll breach the doors of the prisons, and I’ll let those freaks flood this burghal with the claret of their victims. And afresh we’ll see who’s the aftermost man continuing in this town.” Batman would be borderline how to proceed, because the Penguin has been accurate to abstain abrogation affirmation to anon articulation him to anything, so Batman can’t accelerate him to jail, and Batman does apprehend that the freaks are accepting out of duke and the accident of authoritative administration in the abyss is causing ataxia that’s arch to added killings and chaos. There’d be that moment aback Batman ability accede the argumentation of Penguin’s point, alike if Batman thinks he cannot accompany himself to accomplish a accord with the gangster. It’s a bind afterwards an accessible answer.

Adding to this bearings is the Riddler, an IRA bomb maker and hacker who has followed the Penguin from Northern Ireland to Gotham, because the Penguin asleep the Riddler’s brother. So now the best belled and ablaze bomb maker and computer hacker in the apple has absitively to allowance war adjoin the best alarming brigand in the world, and Gotham is their battlefield. The Riddler would accept tattoos on his anatomy of symbols and advice about his bombs etc (and conceivably a question-mark boom about one eye?), all in cyphers and cipher that cipher but the Riddler can anytime understand. That is, until Batman sees him and deciphers one of the codes on the Riddler’s hands. Now, the Riddler is added absorbed in Batman and in proving himself smarter than Batman, while he additionally goes about a alternation of bombings and computer hacks to booty bottomward Penguin and all of Gotham.

I’d accomplish the Riddler agnate to the villain Simon in Die Hard: With A Vengeance, anniversary abomination accepting a bound acceptation and arch to the abutting crime, and Batman has to bulk it all out to anticipate the Riddler’s final big comedy to abort Penguin and Batman both. And for the role of the Riddler, I’d beforehand addition like Paddy Considine, in a assuming agnate to his accomplished achievement in Asleep Man’s Shoes. He’s the capital character, with the bristles and blooming aggressive jacket, in this trailer…

The war in Northern Ireland is brought aback from the asleep and unleashed in Gotham, and Batman has to adjudge how far he’ll accommodation to save his city. That’s the way to absolutely authenticate that this alternation is on the one duke activity to attending at the added acute and horror-themed belief like the aboriginal film’s “Monster Men,” yet additionally activity to accommodate abomination thrillers that still reflect the apparition of realism.

Abutting up, the alternation would move aback into the Gothic abhorrence realm, with Batman adjoin the camp afterlife band the Brotherhood in Gotham, led by the awful Monk. In the comics, the Monk is a vampire admired by his blood-drinking followers. I’d not actually portray the Monk as a audible vampire, but would instead leave it cryptic as to whether annihilation absolutely abnormal happened or if it was all allotment of the band fanaticism. This adventure would mirror the aboriginal blur in the alternation to absolutely authorize Batman’s addition to added acute and oftentimes ambiguous phenomena in Gotham. This would additionally be a blur that actualization an accent on Batman’s clandestine alternating identities, to get advice about the band and eventually access it. And this would be the adventure that ends Bruce Wayne’s accord with Julie Madison, who I’d accept as a alternating adulation absorption in these aboriginal three films. Her fate in this blur would depend on what best fits the story, but I doubtable she’d die at the easily of the Monk.

And that would authorize the aboriginal leash for the new Batman series, absolutely ambience up a apple absolutely altered from what we’ve apparent of Batman on blur in the past. It would absorb the all-embracing illusionary accuracy yet would beforehand it about as far as accessible at times, but acclimation that with lots of abomination analytic detective work. From there, I’d go into a additional leash that now seeks to absorb the abomination and bandit elements added into the added freakish, alien elements. This is breadth Gotham’s two sets of underworlds alpha to alloy into the alarming admixture that will appear to ascertain the city.

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Starting off the additional set of films (or additional trilogy) would be Atramentous Affectation and his Apocryphal Face Society, as they booty over the Gotham underworld, accumulation the acceptable organized abomination with freaks active the gangs and animate as the best trusted, baleful members. Atramentous Affectation is a actualization whose accurate actualization is Roman Sionis, a affluent agent who hates Bruce Wayne, and who is bad at accepted business but has a adroitness for bent business and who is bedeviled with antibacterial Bruce Wayne. So this blur would be actual altered in that the villain hates and wants to annihilate Bruce, but doesn’t anytime apprehend Bruce is Batman. It’s a blackmail to Batman, then, in his own claimed activity besides actuality a blackmail in his apple as Batman.

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With the Apocryphal Face Society amalgamation the freaks and masked villains into armed groups with audible territories, Batman faces a affliction case book for Gotham and his own clandestine life. Hugo Strange will accept already been in anniversary blur as a acknowledging actualization (and as the capital villain in the aboriginal film), and in this blur Strange is assassin by Atramentous Affectation to try to beforehand a cerebral contour on Bruce as a way to acquisition his weaknesses. Batman defeats the Apocryphal Face Society’s attempts to abort Bruce Wayne, and takes bottomward the hit-man Deadshot, but the Apocryphal Face Society charcoal in ascendancy of Gotham’s abyss in the end. For Roman Sionis, I’d beforehand Casey Affleck to portray Sionis as array of an anti-Bruce Wayne. Here’s Affleck in the absurd blur (which should’ve gotten abundant Oscar nominations, including Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Picture) Gone Baby Gone…

That leads into the abutting film, which would be a adventure about Mr. Benumb as a adverse “villain.” He’d be an able in cryogenics, cryogenic fuels, and cryobiology, with the complete name Victor Fries. He’s apprenticed by his admiration to save his wife, who has busted academician cancer, and so begins ambiguous tests and abstruse analysis that’s not accustomed by the company. But he’s additionally been addition his analysis by accepting added allotment from the government, in barter for developing a abstract weapons activity for the Pentagon, involving mines that can benumb rivers, cryogenic ammunition bombs, and added designs. Wayne Enterprises finds out and fires him, so Victor Fries steals all of his abstracts and analysis from Wayne Enterprises and convinces the Pentagon to accord him a ample bulk of banknote to beforehand a big abstruse weapon project. But he is additionally adjourned by the Apocryphal Face Society, who appetite some of the weapons as well. He skimps on the design, not accomplishing abundant tests and dispatch architecture the device, so that he can focus on auspiciously freezing his wife afore she dies. The botheration is, he cannot unfreeze her.

The Apocryphal Face Society demands he accord them the new weapon, and aback he refuses, they accept the badge and FBI arrest Victor’s new lab and booty his wife away. So Victor uses all of the weapons he developed, additional a accessory that fires aqueous nitrogen, to storm the hospital to get his wife back. He is attempt and injured, declining to get his wife back, and he has to don one of the ancestor cryo-suits he congenital for befitting afflicted soldiers alive. Now he takes the new abstruse weapon and threatens to absolve it on Gotham if his wife isn’t alternate to him. The weapon will act like the fabulous abstraction of “Ice-Nine” that turns baptize into ice but keeps activity on and on, from one baptize antecedent to addition and another, aggressive to beforehand from Gotham to every river and eventually into the oceans. Batman charge stop Freeze, and get Benumb to advice him about-face the weapon afore it’s too late.

This is acutely a added sci-fi direction, but would afresh absorb the faculty of illusionary accuracy to accumulate it from appearing too outlandish. And the captivation of base aggressive admiral and villains in the Apocryphal Face Society would accomplish it a adventure with lots of subplots acute Batman to do some austere sleuthing to bare who is abaft it all, and to acquisition and stop Mr. Freeze’s doomsday device. I’d beforehand addition like Ralph Fiennes as Victor Fries (check him out there to the right, but brainstorm him with his adenoids aback and you’ve got a acceptable architecture for Mr. Freeze), and accomplish him a man whose adulation and accident drives him to extremes that get out of his own control. And in this story, I’d additionally acquaint Catwoman as a baby role to actualization that she’s operating out in the burghal somewhere, and crosses paths with Batman once.

Finally, afterwards those bristles films, we appear to the sixth blur and the acknowledgment of a above villain who has appeared on awning before. This is aback the Joker assuredly shows up, and I’d do a actual abutting adjustment of Ed Brubaker’s aberrant adventure The Man Who Laughs. This Joker would accept the acceptable white bark and blooming hair, and would be affiliated vaguely to a history as the Red Hood (as in the banana story). He’s a deranged accumulation assassin who leaves barrio abounding of animated corpses in his wake, and who predicts his crimes in beforehand afore accustomed them out in abrupt and abominable fashion. My casting advancement for the Joker is Fran Kranz (seen in the angel to the right, as the perpetually benumbed Marty in the abundant abhorrence blur The Cabin in the Woods), for a adolescent and actual altered estimation of the actualization as a delusional cackling antic who is added a absorption of what Gotham’s become than Batman is anymore. The actualization of the Joker is a angled point for Gotham, a assurance that the auto are falling off the car and it’s skidding adjoin a bluff and a amaranthine fall.

That establishes six films in the Batman series, and leads into a third leash to up the ante and complete the conception of a absolutely accomplished Batman apple with best of the capital elements from the comics in place.

To bang things off, the aboriginal blur of this third leash will accept Harvey Dent (played by Jon Hamm, apparent to the appropriate in Mad Men) assuredly actuality aching with acerbic during a trial, and he decides to seek animus by ambience out to abort the Apocryphal Face Society by rounding up a claimed army of villains who banned to accompany the organized anatomy of Atramentous Mask’s underworld. Two-Face starts abolition added villains (with several cameos by villains like Ventriloquist for example) and growing in ability as a new bent baton in Gotham. For the aboriginal six films, Dent was an accessory to Gordon and Batman, but now they are hunting him bottomward as he starts a gangland war in the city, and one accident during the war is the killing of the Flying Graysons in advanced of their young-teens son, Dick, at the circus. While he doesn’t yet become Robin, he is taken in by Bruce and we apperceive that in the advancing films he’ll alternation and eventually booty his abode as a sidekick. Catwoman would additionally actualization up in this movie, extenuative Batman’s activity and starting to coquette with him, and in the end he’d accept a adventitious to booty her into aegis but instead would let her get away.

Next up is a blur adapting the aberrant storyline Prey, with Hugo Strange acceptable the capital villain afresh and sending a new masked vigilante out into Gotham to coursing bottomward Batman. Strange abstracts out Batman’s accurate actualization (the alone villain in this alternation to do so), and now Batman’s claimed activity is actuality ripped afar as well. I’d admit into this adventure the training of Dick Grayson, and he’d alone do retcon assignment for Batman in beforehand of a mission, accession abstracts and photos etc during daytime. This is the adventure breadth I’d accept Catwoman assuredly comedy a bigger role, and I’d accomplish it the adventure in which she and Batman aboriginal kiss, too.

Finally, end the third leash with a adventure about the Joker demography over Arkham Asylum, and use influences from both the acclaimed bright atypical Arkham Asylum: A Austere House on Austere Earth and a few $.25 from the video bold Arkham City. Both accept some accomplished account and adventure $.25 that are account using, but afresh mix them and put them into an contrarily aboriginal story. The Joker takes over Arkham, baits Batman to appear inside, and in the acme all of the crazed villains escape into Gotham and charge be taken bottomward by Batman and Gordon, and this is breadth Robin assuredly comes out into the acreage to advice Batman, while Catwoman becomes a bright accessory at this point. And I’d additionally accommodate some $.25 from The Killing Joke, too, decidedly the Joker’s cutting of Barbara. This is the blur breadth all hell absolutely break apart in agreement of the freaks overrunning the burghal and always alteration Batman’s mission into an acutely amaranthine action adjoin a growing advance of aberration and strangeness.

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2020 Lamborghini Ankonian
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So that is my 9-film plan for establishing an absolute Batman cosmos on blur that has best of the important characters and settings, and that would accommodate a able foundation for continuing a abiding authorization that could accompany aback several characters while additionally introducing affluence of new ones. For example, from actuality it could conceivably acclimate the Court of Owls storyline from contempo comics, and alike accomplish it into a multi-film storyline. What I’ve set up actuality is acutely rather ample and would crave absolution the films every two years, for a 16-year run starting in about 2015.

Now, how about Batman himself? I’d casting Armie Hammer, the man ahead casting as Batman in the bootless Justice League: Mortal project. He’s in his mid-20s, a abundant amateur who can be both acutely austere and accidentally charming, and he absolutely looks the part. I’ve been suggesting for months that Ryan Gosling would be my admired aces to booty over as Batman, but I don’t anticipate Gosling is absorbed in the role, and I admiration if it ability conceivably be a casting and assuming that would feel too agnate to Christian Bale’s Bruce/Batman. I anticipate Bruce should still be a playboy, but not as above and alarming as in the Nolan films. Instead, accomplish him admired by the accessible and altruistic to alms all of the time, and absolutely accomplish him a hands-on agent at Wayne Enterprises. Anticipate of Cary Grant as a Wall Street wizard, and that’s about right. So attending to the appropriate and you’ll see the absolute advantage for our new Batman, baby readers.

Batman’s gotta accept his Commissioner Gordon, and my audible top best would be Denzel Washington. I’m not alike activity to accept to any affronted reactions from the baby articulation of fanboys acceptable to accuse casting a non-white amateur for the role — Washington would be a admirable best for Gordon, and the alternation would be advantageous to accept him aboard, so don’t bother announcement racially-based objections. From the actual start, he should be a man who knows his burghal is on the bend of a abatement and all he can do is advice Batman try to accord the citizens some achievement and apathetic bottomward the assured accelerate into complete aberration that comes in the third leash I’ve outlined. But Batman would abide a capital criminal, and is accepting advice from Gordon, Dent, and a few added bodies but doesn’t adore any amnesty or chargeless administration of the city.

I’d casting Hugh Laurie as an Alfred who is a bit adolescent than we’ve apparent so far, and who has a actual bright accomplishments as a aggressive action doctor. I’d accomplish Alfred beneath of a coach or ancestor bulk for Bruce, and added of a smart-aleck the way he consistently gave Bruce a adamantine time with jokes and barbs in Frank Miller’s assuming of the actualization in the comics alloyed with a bit of the re-imagined Alfred from Batman: Earth One.

What about a car? Yes, of beforehand Batman will drive a Batmobile, and I’d booty afflatus from the comics via Batman and the Monster Men (check it out HERE), and afresh acclimate a Lamborghini Ankonian (seen on the right) into a real-life adjustment of that design, agreement armor plating and fins on the car to accomplish the abounding effect. Besides the car, Batman should accept a Batcave abounding of banks of computers, a ample forensics lab, a medical area, and a abode to esplanade the Batmobile and conceivably a helicopter and baiter as well. I’d absolutely accouter out the cavern with lots of equipment, to accomplish it bright that he has aggregate he needs to run a abounding analysis into any accessible crimes that ability appear up.

Finally, what would Batman attending like in this new series? I anticipate commodity altered has to be approved this time about with the apparel design, giving Batman a casting new attending that we’ve not absolutely apparent afore on film. I’m not a adherent of the abstraction of a basal bolt costume, but on the added duke I do anticipate that a altered architecture with beneath apparent armor should be attempted now. I anticipate the mix I accept in apperception will accomplish best admirers happy.

I’d booty afflatus from two key sources: Lee Bermejo’s renderings of Batman, and Gary Frank’s clothing architecture in Batman: Earth One. I’d use a blubbery leather-like suit, and go with a two-tone blush arrangement of gray and black. The bat adumbration would be like a ample armor argent bat-shape with the cape advancing from abaft it, as apparent in the Bermejo image, and his belt would be bulkier with pouches like a aggressive belt. His gloves and boots would additionally accept a covering appearance, too. And beneath the apparel in several places, you can acquaint it has armor beneath the exoteric texture. I’d additionally accomplish the aerial a bit longer, abutting to the breadth of the aerial on the cowl in Batman Returns.

So attending at the those two images, and booty the cowl and covering attending of the top angel (from Arkham City, demonstrating a “skin” based on Batman: Earth One) and amalgamate it with the belt, big brownish bat-emblem, gloves, and boots of the lower design, and you accept what I anticipate would be a analgesic Batman accouterments that would assignment able-bodied on film.

And there you accept it, baby readers, my continued plan for how I anticipate Warner Bros. should reboot Batman’s blur franchise!¬† I alike accept capacity about how to portray Dick Grayson in the series, and what would eventually appear abiding to the actualization of Robin, but that’s for addition article. For now, let me apperceive what you anticipate of this abstraction for rebooting Batman — complete off in the comments below, and amuse beforehand this articulation about so added admirers will see the plan and appear animadversion on it as well, thanks!

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